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Music Remembrance Radio

The sound of memory

Launched in 2023 as part of the multimedia project of Forum Voix Etouffées and the CEMUT (European Center for the Study of Music and Totalitarism), Music Remembrance Radio is the first European web radio dedicated to the works and the memory of the silenced voices - composers who were persecuted, murdered and driven into exile during the 20th an 21st centuries. New and historic recordings, podcasts from musicologists, historians, composers, and the latest news about researches in this field... MMR is the shouting place about those who had to remain silent.


Site Web: https://www.musicremembranceradio.org

Adresse: 21 rue du Grand Prieuré 75011 Paris France

Téléphone: +337 67283952

Email: info@musicremembranceradio.org