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Lebonmix Cinema

100% original soundtracks radio station - Quality sound (AAC128LC).

An assembly mounted like an endless film. A calibration studied to feel different emotions. Built like a soundtrack, this radio is musical and eclectic. Hundreds of hours of preparation were needed to form the base. An eclectic selection that does not forbid anything, so that the discovery belongs to you. The channel transports you through the great composers but also titles included in films and series. On slow and soft rhythms, morning and evening are quite calm. The afternoon is more dynamic because more rhythmic pieces slip in. The night is calmer with a very zen program. Le Bon Mix Cinema then becomes an excellent background sound that follows the rhythm of your day. The selection covers the last 60 years. In the base cohabit eclectic pieces, recorded a long time ago or recently in modern studios. The sound processing is neat so that this assembly finds its color and remains homogeneous when it reaches your dear ears.

Frequencies FM

  • Toulouse

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